SCOTTSBURG, Ind. (WDRB) -- As a home health aid, a patient in West Wardell in Scottsburg is part of Alysha Perkins' 9 to 5.

But until Wednesday, neither Perkins nor the man she takes care of knew naloxone, the overdose reversal drug, had been administered just feet away.

"I'm somebody who likes to know what's going on, and so being able to see that would be a positive," Perkins said.

Now, she can. The state of Indiana posted a new tool on that empowers all Hoosiers to get in the know.

"It's just an educational informational tool for folks," said Tammy Davis of Scott County EMS. "It gives them a heightened sense of what's around them."

It lets neighbors see Davis and her co-workers showed up to bring someone overdosing back to life.

"We always talk knowledge is power," Davis said. "If you know what's around you, maybe you can take extra precautions and be watching out ... be a little more vigilant."

Some of the dots that pinpoint overdoses also illustrate how just because someone isn't at home, doesn't mean they're not using.

"We've had someone overdose in Walmart, Davis said. "We've had someone overdose in the local veterinarians office."

Scott County was ground zero when the opioid crisis started to amp up, but it's easy to see that metropolitan areas like Indianapolis are now much worse off.

"It happens everywhere," Davis said.

Davis hears that message loud and clear. And she said she'll keep the new tool handy for every home visit she makes from now on.

Click here to see where naloxone has been administered in your neighborhood.

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