LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – In Scott Satterfield’s first day on the job, there was a little of everything. The new University of Louisville football coach sat down to take a look at the roster he will inherit. He began the process of assembling a staff. And he took to the Louisville talk-radio airwaves to take his message to the people.

After a quick tour of the KFC Yum! Center before Wednesday night’s men’s basketball game against Central Arkansas, Satterfield sat down – for just a moment – to talk about his first day on the job.

“Another busy day today. I think seven radio shows today … got into the office and started to look at the roster, started looking at the recruiting board, trying to figure out what our needs are and what direction we need to go into, and also had discussions about staffing,” Satterfield said. “The biggest thing we have to do right now is obviously recruiting and filling out a staff. The filling out a staff part can happen probably in the next couple of weeks and recruiting-wise, we really have probably a couple of weeks before the first signing period, but then obviously there’s the second signing period so we don’t have to fill out the class in this first signing period. We will sign some players in this first one. I think we’ll get some staff in here, hopefully maybe in the middle of next week and let them hit the ground running.”

At least two members of his current staff at Appalachian State, and probably more, will move with him to Louisville. The Winston-Salem Journal cited several sources close to the program saying that App State defensive coordinator Bryan Brown and offensive coordinator Frank Ponce will join Satterfield’s staff at Louisville.

Satterfield talked about his hope to run a similar defensive system at Louisville to the one he’s had success with at App State, and retaining Brown certainly would make sense if that’s the case.

“I think the main thing with us defensively is we want to continue what we’ve been doing defensively the last six years,” Satterfield said. “It’s been very effective. Looking at the stats over particularly the last four season, a top-25 defense in the country every year, one that will create turnovers. I think we were maybe one, two or three in interceptions in the last four seasons combined, and we obviously want to continue to do that. We‘re trying to win the turnover battle. I think for us the last three years, we’ve been one, two or three in the turnover margin. I think that gives you a great chance to win. Defensively, we’re probably doing the very same thing and we’ll fill out that staff. Hopefully middle of next week we’ll fill out that staff.”

Another name that continues to surface in connection with the staff is Cort Dennison, a linebackers coach at Oregon who spent four successful years, including the last two as recruiting coordinator, at Louisville, under former coach Bobby Petrino.

Satterfield’s look at the current roster was not an in-depth look. But he watched enough tape to form some first impressions.

“I think we’ve got some good skill players,” he said. “You look at wide receiver, there’s some guys out there that can make some things happen at wide receiver. I think we have a couple of good running backs that could certainly make some things happen. And I think in the secondary there are some good players. I haven’t really jumped into the full roster, watching film and all that as much as I would like and I will do as we move forward, but there’s certainly some guys that will be able to make plays for us. We have to find what’s the best position for them. Where can they really help, where can they excel at their abilities and their talents in order to make plays. So we may end up looking at guys at different positions and we’ll see that more so probably when we get them, working them out and we’re able to see them face-to-face.”

As far as recruiting, Satterfield is still evaluating. He said he hadn’t yet been in contact with Louisville’s committed recruits yet, but planned to do that soon. A scheduled recruiting weekend on campus this weekend will likely be delayed a week until he can get some assistant coaches onto campus. While he does expect to sign some recruits in the current period, he said he isn’t putting any pressure on himself to complete the class by then.

He’ll contact local coaches, make a few contacts. And he’ll continue to evaluate. He said that quarterback, linebacker, offensive line and tight end are positions of immediate need, and didn’t rule out looking at some junior college quarterbacks or graduate transfers if necessary.

He said some players who had committed to him at App State have reached out to him, but he wouldn’t commit to bringing any of those players to Louisville.

“I think for us, we want to compete in the ACC and win championships and so we’re going to try to get the best talent we can get throughout this blueprint of recruiting,” he said. “There’s a lot of guys out there that have reached out that are interested now in Louisville that are maybe committed to other schools that we’re going to have to play. We’re just trying to find the best fit. I’m trying to find a well-rounded student-athlete, not just somebody who can run fast or hit. We want someone who is going to do well in academics, that’s going to be a strong character in that locker room when we do face adversity. So you’ve got to do your research, you’ve got to really dive deep into what makes them tick. I think so much of it is heart. And that’s just finding about that through their coaches and all that and seeing what they’re saying about these players.”

Not that he’ll have time for leisure or community involvement, but Satterfield says he’s looking forward to getting to know the city. His family remained in town with him on Wednesday and attended the basketball game with him.

“Where I’m coming from is a pretty small community,” Satterfield said. “We had probably 30,000 total people there. Really just hanging out. There’s not really a whole lot to do in Boone, actually. Particularly as I look around this town, there’s a lot to do here. Really there, the big thing to do is outdoors – go hiking and looking at nature and that kind of thing. We had some golf courses, we played some golf, but hanging out at church and the people there. Really it’s more just hanging out and eating dinner and talking I guess. There’s really not a whole lot to do there. What this city has to offer is incredible. The amount of things that you can go out and do and see and I think the people that come here … we’re looking forward to doing that and really immersing ourselves in this city and experiencing all that Louisville has to offer.”

For now, however, Satterfield is immersed in football – one handshake, phone call and interview at a time.


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